Soniccouture Intros Abstrakt:Bass for Kontakt 2

abstrakt bassSoniccouture has introduced Abstrakt:Bass, a complete bass workstation for Kontakt 2.

Abstrakt:Bass is described as a virtual one-stop bass shop – electrics, upright, effects drones, dub basses, dry snappy synths, massive snarling filter sweeps, distorted groans and moans – all in one package. Every type of bass sound is covered in the Library, making it simple to load up the bass you need in seconds – or scroll through instruments to try out lots of different basses in your track.


  • 1.6 GB Core Sample Library
  • 140 Advanced Kontakt 2 Instruments
  • Full Sampling + Synthesis Control
  • 24 Bit 44.1khz High Quality optimized samples
  • Brainwave Detune KSP Processor
  • Original multi-sampled waveforms from a wide range of bass instruments
  • Vari-Amp Sampling on Electric basses allows user to mix between 2 amp mics and D.I.

A Huge Range of Bass Timbres

Soniccouture have put their expert sampling skills to work recording detailed, multi-sampled 24-bit waveforms from a vast array of classic bass instruments.

This gives Abstrakt Bass a unique sonic breadth unobtainable from any conventional synth – from fat vintage analogue waveforms, complex, heavy FM synthesis, studio-recorded electric bass guitars and amps right through to completely new creations from the cutting edge of sound design.

Full Sampling and Synthesis Control:

Each of the 140 Kontakt instruments offers a huge range of control over the sound. Each instrument is a mini-synthesizer in itself! 8 control knobs are instantly accessible in the rack view of Kontakt, allowing you to simply tweak the attack time or filter cutoff, or to completely re-shape the entire sound.

VARI-AMP Sampling

The electric bass guitars included in Abstrakt : Bass feature a unique edge – the ability to mix the original amp and D.I. signals to suit your track. Each note of the guitar is represented by three 24-bit samples: D.I., Close Mic ( AKG D112 ) and Distant Mic ( Rode K2 ). This gives you complete control over the natural studio sound of the bass and the amp.

Instruments Include:

ARP 2600, Minimoog, EMS Synthi AKS, Fender Jazz, Bassman, Sherman Filter Bank, Korg MS-20, Roland SH101, Casio CZ-101, Yamaha CS-01, Yamaha TX- 81Z, Yamaha FS1R, Roland TB-303, Roland Jupiter 8, Prophet 5, Access Virus, Yamaha AN1X, Fender Rhodes, Roland TR-808, Roland Alpha Juno, Didgeridoo,

Plus many more uniquely created experimental bass waves.

MSRP: £79.99

More information is available at the Sonic Couture site.

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