Livid Intros Sexy Interactive Reactive Touch Thing

respond-rLivid , the dudes behind the Tactic VJ controller and the insane RGB guitar, has introduced respond-r, an interactive video system that creates immersive multimedia experiences through responsive physical interaction and audience participation. Yes – its a sexy interactive reactive tough thing.

According to Livid, the respond-r transforms floors, walls and screens into an immersive media experience. respond-r can be used to create environments, interactive branding campaigns, event marketing, permanent installation, product launches, club environments, special events, and creative projects.

The system is an all-in-one projection and media system that can be customized and configured for each project and environment. Livid works with clients and agencies to create custom installations for products launches, special events, and branding campaigns.

Livid has a video that showcases some of the respond-r’s applications.

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