Music Unfolding Intros SubRingFM Audio Unit Effect

subring FMMusic Unfolding has released SubRingFM, the 5th of the Twister Series, a new line of Audio Unit effects from Music Unfolding. SubRingFM is a ring modulator that also has two filters for shaping the sound. It also has a sub-octave generator, and the oscillator can be manipulated using FM.

The effect runs through a pre-filter to the ring modulator to a post-filter and then into a sub-octave generator. You can use the pre-filter to reduce the number of harmonics in the input signal and use the post-filter to shape the resulting tone. The ring modulator oscillator in SubRingFM is an FM oscillator. The resulting output can be made to contain a very complex set of frequencies. This can then be shaped using the post-filter to get a really wide range of sounds. Then the sub-octave generator is applied.

The interface has been changed from previous Twister Audio Units to give users more control over the interface. The parameter display and label colors can now be set by the user. We have also added new options for setting the parameter values. Users can still set the parameters with the big knob, but they may also set the parameters by clicking and dragging over the parameter readout or hovering and using their mouse scroll wheels. Vertical scrolling or dragging moves the parameter values faster in bigger increments and horizontal dragging or scrolling moves the parameter values slower in finer increments. All of the other Audio Units previously released in the Twister Series have been updated with these changes.

SubRingFM is $19.99 and is available for OS X as a Universal Binary.

More information and a demo are available at the Music Unfolding site.

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