New Video Tutorials on Studio Techniques

GrooveboxMusic has released the first group of training videos in their new “Studio Series” collection. The Studio Series takes a completely different approach than their acclaimed software training videos and utilizes real video footage of actual engineers, producers and artists using the tools found in today’s recording studios.

The first group of videos focuses on Mic’ing and Recording Drums, and feature engineer Andy Sharp who has worked with groups such as Blue October and Sheryl Crow.

Currently the videos are only viewable online with the “G-Pass” which gives instant access to hundreds of video tutorials for one low price. Groovebox is currently working on many more titles for this exciting new series as well.

“We have decided to present the other side of recording as we have the software training aspect covered. Now it’s time to bring real life footage and content on common studio technologies and practices,” says Groovebox Corp. President Asa Doyle.

Titles and descriptions in the current Studio Series “Mic and Record Drums” category are:

  • Intro and Setup – Get the lowdown on the basic setup for working with drums in the studio, and some things to remember before you start.
  • Kick Drum – Learn about mic selection, placement and setting levels for the kick drum and getting the right sound for your style of music.
  • Snare Drum – Discover several popular mic techniques for the snare drum and the different sounds they create. This tutorial guides you through placement, audio examples and much more.
  • Hi Hat – The hi-hat can be hard to capture or very easy. This tutorial covers the basics that make the job easy and the results versatile. Mic selection, placement and audio examples are all explained.
  • Toms – Get the studio engineer perspective of setting up and recording toms. Tons of great insight for capturing the tom tone you want and need.
  • Overheads – The secrets of overhead mics are revealed. Learn to choose the right mics, about popular placements, phase cancellation and more.
  • Room Mic – The all important “room” mic can really help capture the natural sound of the drums and create a lot of space, character and feel. This tutorial shows you how to set it up and get it.

More information is available at the GrooveboxMusic site.

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