Moog Lives!

Bob MoogIt was one year ago on August 21, 2005 that Bob Moog, pioneer of the music synthesizer, passed away.

Moog Music has asked the media world to honor the memory of Bob Moog with a special, 20-second Moment of Moog. During the Moog moment, Moog requests that radio stations play a short musical piece, recorded on one of Moog’s most famous inventions, the Minimoog Voyager. In doing this, the world of music will be paying tribute to one of the greatest legends in electronic musical instruments.

“Sometimes it feels as if he is still here; other times, he is sorely missed. One year ago his fate was sealed and the finality of his death certainly gave all of us pause. The Moment of Moog (MP3) is our way of honoring the tens of thousands of musicians who carry Bob’s legacy forward,” reflected Mike Adams, President, Moog Music.

Another organization is also set to honor and continue the Bob Moog legacy. The Bob Moog Foundation for Electronic Music will launch its Web presence on August 21st, 2006. The foundation will be online at The objectives of the Foundation are to create: endowed scholarships at University of North Carolina-Asheville, Berklee School of Music and Cornell University; a Memorial Museum in Moog’s name; an outreach/mentoring program that brings electronic music into disadvantaged schools; and to sponsor electronic music competitions and concerts that would foster innovation in the field.

Ken Soper, composer of the “Moment of Moog” piece, said, “These sounds remind me that Bob, like the Minimoog Voyager, is alive.”

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