Fixed Noise Releases IDM, Industrial and Electronica Sound Library

Otto Von SchirachFixed Noise is introduced its debut software release, OTTO.

OTTO is a sound library designed by Miami musician / producer Otto Von Schirach, right. OTTO offers over 4 GB of instruments, and is one of the first libraries to utilize Native Instruments’ new Kontakt 2 Player.

OTTO caters to musicians and producers in the IDM, industrial, and electronica genres. OTTO provides over 600 instruments that include construction, loops, sequences, and surround. Von Schirach created the library as the single answer for music makers who require maximum efficiency (loops and sequences), and maximum flexibility (construction and surround).

OTTO will be distributed by GSF Agency and will be available at musical products retailers as well as record stores and nontraditional audio software dealers. OTTO has a MSRP of $199.99 and ships on September 15th.

Otto Von Schirach recently released “Maxipad Detention” on Ipecac Recordings. He is currently working on collaborations with Skinny Puppy, Venetian Snares, Doormouse, Gut, and Ebola.

More information is available at the Fixed Noise site.

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