Now on Tour: Pop Synth Pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey

Happy Electropop MachineOglio Records is releasing a new by electropop synth pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman, The Happy Electropop Machine.

The CD is described as an insanely happy instrumental collection of original tunes, and also includes five melodies by other composers. Using classic “Moog”-style analog synthesizers, as well as acoustic instruments, the CD is styled to be very retro, and very happy.

Jean-Jacques Perrey is a legend, and a pioneer in the popular electronic music field. He was the second musician to ever own a Moog Synthesizer, and one of the first to record with it, way back in 1966. Over the past five decades, Perrey has released many classic Moog albums, featuring his trademark crazy tape loops and his catchy original melodies.

His theme Baroque Hoedown (co-composed with Gershon Kingsley) has been featured as part of Disneyland’s much-loved “Main Street Electrical Parade” for over 30 years.

More recently, Perrey’s music has been sampled by countless popular Hip-Hop and Rap artists, including Ice T, DJ Premier, Gangstarr, and many others. At age 77, Perrey is still very much active, and still creating Music for Smiles and Laughs.

A recent Perrey/Countryman concert in Berlin, Germany had a sell-out crowd, and that performance will be released soon on DVD. To support the release of new The Happy Electropop Machine, Perrey and Countryman will be performing the new album in a mini-tour of concert venues this August, starting in Seattle, and continuing on to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

A tour of the United Kingdom is planned for the Spring of 2007, followed by a tour of Japan, later that year. The Happy Electropop Machine is described as a refreshing blast from the past, focusing on catchy melodies, at a time when interest in the Moog Synthesizer is suddenly in vogue again.

Show Dates for The Happy Electropop Machine:

Live in Seattle
Sunday, Aug. 27, 2006, 7:30 pm
The Triple Door – 216 Union Street – 206-838-4333
$15.00 advance, $18.00 door

Live in San Francisco
Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2006, Doors open: 7 pm – Show, 8 pm
Recombinant Media Labs –
763 Brannan @ 6th St. in San Francisco’s SOMA District
For more information: 415-863-3068
Tickets are available by emailing [email protected]

Live in Los Angeles
Thursday, Aug. 31, 2006, Doors open: 7:30 – Show, 8 pm
Knitting Factory – 7021 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles 90028

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