Treat Your Audio with Reverence

audio damage reverence

Audio Damage has announced the release of Reverence, a digital plate reverb simulator, as a plugin effect for VST and AudioUnits hosts.

Reverence is heavily inspired by vintage digital hardware, and recreates the thick sonic character and easy-to-use interface of those early units, while providing the low noise floor and big headroom inherent in modern software-based reverb.

Perfect for synths, vocals, and guitar, Reverence is also capable of creating the unusual effects that are typical of vintage hardware units. Reverence has a much lower CPU load than convolution reverbs, and can be used as either a send or insert effect.


  • Simple-to-use reverb settings, with pre-delay, time, and size, plus an extensive filtering section to shape the reverb tail
  • Fluid and logical vintage-style user interface
  • Optimized reverb algorithm for low CPU load
  • MIDI Learn feature for full hardware control of all parameters (VST only; handled by host in AudioUnits version)

Reverence is available as a VST effect for Windows, and as an AudioUnit / VST effect bundle for OSX Universal Binary, and is US$39.00 for instant download from the Audio Damage store.

More information is available at the Audio Damage site.

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