ModernBeats Releases Sequel to Urban Anthemz Instrument Loops

ModernBeats has just released volume 2 of its Urban Anthemz instrument loops series for all major MAC and PC music software.

Urban Anthemz 2 contains 400 loops of urban melodies, riffs, and hooks where styles range widely from ganksta hip hop loops all the way to unheard of modern hip hop melodies & hooks.

“ModernBeats is all about today’s Hip Hop! There is no better sound developer, period” declares Keith Harris, drummer for the Black Eyed Peas & proud owner of the Urban Anthemz loops series.

Urban Anthemz 2 works seamlessly with all other ModernBeats loop series where each series utilizes same group & tempo layouts. This allows users to build full productions within minutes by mix-matching & layering loops from each series together. The library is organized into 4 popular hip hop industry tempos: 87bpm, 92bpm, 97bpm, and 102bpm. Each of the tempo groups contain 25 original loop themes including 4 variation loops within each theme: “Hook1”, “Hook2”, “Verse1”, and “Verse2”. That’s 400 loops across the Loopset with a total of 100 original hip hop melodies, riffs, & hooks per tempo.

A myriad of instruments & effects were used to design the loops such as ethnic woodwinds, orchestral woodwinds, full brass sections & stabs, trumpets, saxophones, ethnic strings, sitars, dizus, erhus, guchins, yangchins, pipas, tremolo strings, violins, cellos, pizzicato & exotic plucking, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, flamenco guitar, wah-wah guitar, banjo, harps & harp glissandos, classic pianos, baby toy pianos, xylophones, marimbas, metallic bells, tines, synth pads, analog synths, sound effects, ambiences and atmospheres.

The ‘Urban Anthemz Vol. 2’ library is offered on CD-ROM or as a Download. Prices start at just $59.95.

Universal Format Compatibility:
Sample Accurate Acidized WAV, Stereo

More information and audio demos are available at the ModernBeats site.

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