BT: Binary Universe

BT HottieApple has published a profile of BT that looks at his new DVD, Binary Universe.

In the article, BT talks about the relationship of mathematics to his music and how the music relates to the images on his new DVD.

“Music is just applied mathematics,” he says. “And so is visual art — it’s all related. You’re just dealing with color instead of the audible spectrum.”

This Binary Universe is a collection of seven surround-sound tracks and seven animated shorts woven together into a dazzling audiovisual display.

“I didn’t really have a map for this,” says BT. “And it was one of the most difficult things I’ve done in my life.” He worked with animators and directors across the globe to produce the final DVD/audio CD combo. Everyone involved in the project — more than a dozen artists altogether — crafted their sequences with Apple hardware and software.

For example, 1.618 is a synthesis of sound and sight, visuals painstakingly coordinated with every beat and riff. Every track on the DVD is similarly synched.

BT Binary Universe

“We spent hours editing the footage frame by frame,” says BT. “It’s hyper-synchronized with the music. And it wasn’t easy because the tracks have such clicky, glitchy rhythms. It was actually frustrating to me that we only had 30 frames a second to play with because things didn’t always line up.”

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