TerraTec Producer Komplexer VST, The Synthesizer of Emotions, Now Available

TerraTec Producer has released KOMPLEXER, also known as the synthesizer of emotions. According to the company, KOMPLEXER is a high end synthesizer “Made in Germany. (You know it’s “Made in Germany” when they start the name with a K and put it in all KAPS.)

Eight macro controllers are onboard to afford utmost handling ease. Version 1.01 of the Komplexer is already available at the time of release with a number of improvements. Moreover, users can log on to the KOMPLEXER VST forum, on the TerraTec Producer Website where they are kept up to date with the latest news and can exchange experiences.


Featuring classic synth sound powered by three oscillators, two multimode filters, four ADSDSR envelopes and three LFOs, KOMPLEXER plays in the premier league of VST instruments, according to Terratec. Courtesy of the application’s macro controllers, presets can be modified to suit every taste using just eight parameters. This is a tremendous improvement in handling ease that not only newbies will welcome. Of course, this VST instrument also affords users unrestricted access to all of the sophisticated synthesis engine’s 400 parameters. Features such as the ultra advanced arpeggiator and LFO 3’s synchronizable user-specific waveform serve to create striking soundscapes that adapt automatically to the given song tempo. In the 16×16 modulation matrix almost every parameter of the Komplexer can be accessed.

KOMPLEXER integrates seamlessly into all VST environments, adding even more practical appointments such as full automation capability to its impressive arsenal of features. KOMPLEXER can also be used without a VST-Host (Standalone – Mode).

Waldorf microQ Import. Its ability as the only VST plugin worldwide to import Waldorf microQ sounds underscores KOMPLEXER’s status as an exceptional sound-sculpting engine. Therefore the KOMPLEXER VST offers a huge library of sounds.

Priced at 199.00 euros (MSRP), TerraTec Producer’s KOMPLEXER is available now.

Key features & special attributes

  • Virtual analog software synthesizer
  • Wavetable synthesis
  • Imports Waldorf microQ® sounds
  • Eight macro controllers
  • Up to 256 voices
  • Unrestricted access to the sound synthesis engine
  • Three oscillators featuring sync and ring modulation
  • Two multimode filters (8 types including comb filters)
  • Flexible modulation matrix
  • Four ADSDSR envelopes
  • Audio input with vocoder
  • Three LFOs (LFO3 with user waveform)
  • Arpeggiator
  • 16×16 modulation matrix
  • Five effect units offering delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, distortion
  • Fully automatable and controllable via MIDI controller
  • VST plug-in for Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Standalone Mode for use without VST – Host

More information is available at the Terratec site.

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