Audio Unit Plug-Ins Updated

Levelground Media has released updates to Fattenizer and Vintasion, and introduced two new plug-ins, Super Graphic and Polishizer, digital audio processing plug-ins for use in Audio Unit supporting host environments on Mac OSX.

thermal audio unit bundle

Fattenizer 3.0, Vintasion 3.0, Super Graphic 1.0, and Polishizer 1.0 offer recording musicians and engineers of all skill levels the ability to enhance individual audio tracks and project mixes by adding user tunable vintage style ‘coloration’ and character enhancement with Vintasion, ‘fattening’ and low-end enhancement with Fattenizer, configurable adjustable band width 36 band graphic equalization with Super Graphic, and audio polishing using precise 6 band parametric equalization with Polishizer.

The LgM Thermal Pack 2.0 bundles all four plug-ins together in one specially priced package.

Moving beyond the unpleasant by-products of real analog gear and the limitations of analog emulation software, the LgM Thermal Pack offers the ultimate in versatility by providing unique character enhancing processing that could not be achieved in the analog world or with analog emulators.

All plug-ins are available as Universal Audio Units, providing functionality on both PowerPC based and Intel based Macintosh Computers running OSX. The plug-ins can be used in any DAW or host supporting Audio Units, such as Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Logic Express, Garageband, etc..

MSRP: LgM Thermal Pack 2.0 – $99.95 USD

  • Fattenizer 3.0 – $35.95 USD
  • Vintasion 3.0 – $35.95 USD
  • Super Graphic 1.0 – $35.95 USD
  • Polishizer 3.0 – $35.95 USD

The new plug-ins are available for download on Levelground Media’s website. Special “50% off” introductory pricing is available until October 31, 2006.

More information is available at the Levelground Media site.

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