David Wright – Deeper

Deeper is the latest CD from UK keyboard player/composer David Wright. Wright is the founder of AD Music, a UK synth label which features space music, new age and symphonic electronica artists. Wright is also part of the electronic rock group Code Indigo and the synth duo Callisto, and listeners familiar with the work of these groups will hear some similarities in his solo work.

Deeper is a collection of melodic new age and symphonic electronica tracks. The CD cover hints at the music inside, which, at its best, is sensual, hypnotic and beautiful.

Wright leads off with Nomad, a sequence-driven track that’s combines elements of 70’s-era Klaus Schulze with jazz and progressive rock influences. An ostinato runs through most of the track, and Wright layers solos over this using a variety of synth sounds and textures. At times, the synth work takes the track into more of a progressive direction, while at other times it gives the track more of a jazzy feel.

The Sound of Waves is a relaxing new age track that starts and ends with the sound of surf, and in between explores waves of tranquil synth sounds. Some listeners may be reminded of the feel of Vangelis’ Ocean.

The title track, Deeper, is a long crescendo. Wright starts the track with some quiet percussion, and then adds synth effects and solos using a variety of synth voices. As the track builds to a satisfying conclusion, adds strings and layers the various lead synth voices over each other.

One of the highlights of the CD is the track Bamboo, which is a funky jungle synth romp. It begins with some deep electronic percussion, and then Wright adds pulsing, percussive synth keyboards and synth solos. About half-way through, Wright breaks it down for a moment before building the track back up. Bamboo borders on the club-friendly, without distancing itself too far from the feel of the rest of the CD.

The last half of the CD is a five-part work, Sea of Dreams. These tracks flow together to make a larger work. Part 1 is largely ambient, using synth noise and drones to create a mysterious electronic landscape. This flows into Part 2, a relaxing sequence-driven track that builds to more of an orchestral electronica climax. Part 3 is a quiet interlude that mixes environmental sounds, sample-and-hold synth tinkles and muted piano and guitar work that brought to mind the quieter moments on Klaus Schulze’s classic Body Love. Part 4 is built on some of the same elements as Part 2, feeling like a variation on the earlier section. Finally, this fades into the last section, Part 5, which takes the same sequences and sounds but puts them into more aggressive context. The middle half of the track has a driving, almost techno feel, before Wright returns to a more ambient mood to close the CD.

David Wright’s latest CD, Deeper, is a hypnotic blend of sequences, effects and synth work that should appeal to fans of both classic synth music and more recent new age and symphonic electronic music.


  • Nomad
  • The Sound of Waves
  • The Sound of Light
  • Deeper
  • Bamboo
  • Sea of Dreams Pt 1
  • Sea of Dreams Pt 2
  • Sea of Dreams Pt 3
  • Sea of Dreams Pt 4
  • 10. Sea of Dreams Pt 5

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