Free Choir For Symphonic Cube Owners

The Vienna Symphonic Library has announced that it is offering the world’s first legato-sampled choir, free to Symphonic Cube owners through November 30th, 2006.

Registered users and those who purchase and register a complete Symphonic Cube (Standard Libraries of all 10 Collections) before November 30th, 2006, are eligible to receive exclusive Legato Performance Patches of the Soprano Choir for Vienna Instruments. The performances of 16 sopranos, recorded at Vienna’s Silent Stage, are available for download at the User Area of the company’s website. The complete Vienna Choir Collections are due for release in 2008.

Articulations of this special offer include “oos” and “ahs” as legato sustains, crescendos and diminuendos, fortepiano, sforzato and staccato articulations as well as some consonants. A demo by Vienna’s team member Christian Kardeis includes the first official appearance of the Vienna Instruments Collection Vienna Konzerthaus Organ, scheduled for release later this year.

More information is available at the Vienna Instruments site.

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