Pro-Sounds Unearths New Sound Bank For reFX Vanguard

Pro Sounds logoPro-Sounds has annouced the immediate release of Underground Sounds Bank 1 for reFX Vanguard.

This new set contains 128 Trance, Hard-Style, and Hard-Core sound programs designed by Steven Verboom of Buzzer Music. According to the company, the sound bank features “everything from murderous arpeggios, thunderous basses, and clandestine effects, to searing leads, silky pads, and more.”

The new bank is available as a single item for the price of €17.95, or as part of the updated Vanguard Bundle (now featuring a massive 640 presets!) for 44.95. Currently registered users of the Vanguard Bundle can upgrade and obtain the new bank for 8.95 by emailing Pro-Sounds support with his or her proof of purchase. An upgrade link will be sent afterward, within 24 hours.

A 28-preset demo bank is available.

More information is available at the Pro-Sounds site.

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