Godlyke Intros UTA-1 Universal Travel Adaptor

godlyke uta-1 powerall adaptorGodlyke has introduced the UTA-1 Universal Travel Adaptor accessory to the company’s Power-All brand of power solutions for musical devices.

The UTA-1 Universal Travel Adaptor allows the user to connect an electrical device with any type of plug to any power outlet type. The UTA-1’s main base socket features a universal input that will accept any of the 9 major plug types used by various countries. This base unit can then be fitted with any of the 9 interchangeable male plug inserts included with the kit for connection to any outlet type around the world. All UTA-1 parts fit securely in the zippered nylon storage case included with the kit.

The UTA-1 is designed for the traveling musician who needs to conserve space. When used in conjunction with the PA-9 Power-All system the user can power their effects and accessories around the globe.

In addition, the UTA-1 can be used with any digital switching power supply, allowing users to power their Cell Phone, CD player, MP-3 Player, PDA, Laptop Computer, or virtually any other personal electronic device anywhere in the world (Note: the UTA-1 does not convert voltage, it only converts the plug type).

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