FabFilter Releases Timeless And Simplon Plug-ins

FabFilter has released two new effects plug-ins: FabFilter Timeless, a stereo tape delay plug-in with flexible feedback routing, optional time stretching, two high-quality filters and unique drag-and-drop modulation slots; and FabFilter Simplon, a simple filter plug-in especially suitable for live performance with the same high-quality filters.


Timeless is a perfectly modeled classic tape delay but capable of much more with unique high-quality filters and many creative options. It can create delay, echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, scratching, and numerous other effects and contains two separate L and R delay lines which can be panned individually, synchronized to the host tempo, and has a tap feature is. Timeless has Tape and Stretch modes, two high-quality multimode filters with interactive filter display, 24-slot drag-and-drop modulation matrix with two LFOs, an Audio/MIDI-triggered envelope generator, and velocity, aftertouch, keyboard track, pitch bend, and mod wheel sources.

FabFilter Simplon contains two independent high-quality multimode filters based on FabFilter’s unique digital filter technology. Each filter has three different filter characteristics, from smooth and gentle to raw and self-oscillating. Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass responses and 12/24/48dB octave slopes are available. The filters can operate in serial or parallel modes.

simplon vst

A simpler version of FabFilter Volcano, FabFilter Simplon is designed to be CPU-friendly, easy to use, and especially useful for live performances with its large interactive filter display and big buttons.

Like FabFilter Timeless, FabFilter Simplon also has perfectly fine-tuned knobs that work both in vertical and circular drag modes, interactive MIDI Learn, Smart Parameter Interpolation for smooth parameter transitions, extensive help file with interactive help hints, and sample accurate automation for all parameters.

FabFilter Timeless and FabFilter Simplon are now available for $129 (US) as a VST plug-in for Windows, and as Audio Units and VST plug-in for Mac OS X.

More information is available at the FabFilter site.

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