RealTraps Updates Free Software For Sound Treatment

RealTraps has recently upgraded ModeCalc, their graphical room mode prediction software. This free download (Windows only, 1.3 MB) helps people design a new listening room, or assess the low frequency response in an existing room. The new version offers several clever features, including a display that better identifies modes that are too close together, and a revised and expanded tutorial in the included Help system.

Also new on the RealTraps web site is a Windows version of their Frequency-Distance Calculator. This tool lets you identify boundary-related peaks and nulls, and distinguish them from modal peaks and nulls. Both programs can be downloaded from the RealTraps Acoustics Info page on their site:

According to RealTraps co-owner Ethan Winer, “We gladly offer these tools and tutorials for free as a public service. Acoustics and room treatment have for years been misunderstood and even ignored by people who are otherwise educated about audio. It is our goal to explain this fascinating and important subject in plain English, and dispel some of the most common myths. Room acoustics is not complicated as some believe, and understanding the basics will help you to get the best performance from all of your audio components.

More information is available at the RealTraps site.

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