Bitword Wavefront for Reason

wavefront boxThe latest sample library from Bitword, Wavefront for Reason, is a massive, overwhelming ReFill.

It’s produced by Marc Van Bork, the producer/programmer behind Sonic Data Volume One and Prosamples Platininum Vapor Virtual Synthesizer. Van Bork’s clearly got an ear for creating cutting-edge electronic sounds.

We called Wavefront massive and overwhelming, and it is – both in scope, and in the sounds that Van Bork coaxes out of his Reason. You could spend hours checking out the thousands of patches in Wavefront, without even digging into the possibilities for patch programming.

Uncompressed, Wavefront weighs in at a sumoesque 4.5 GBs of waveforms. It’s also massive in the number of patches it contains (2,222). It’s obvious that a lot of time and work went into this ReFill.

Most importantly, though, the ReFill is massive where it counts – the sounds. Wavefront offers lead synths, pads, ambient textures and gargantuan drum and bass sounds. While the collection covers a lot of territory, the sounds are unique enough that you’re not likely to find a lot of overlap with existing sound libaries.

The sounds lean towards the cutting-edge electronic, with an emphasis on more digital sounding patches. It sounds like Van Bork has listened to some BT in his day, and it’s a good thing. You won’t find a lot of standard pads and sounds.

If you love vintage sounds or need some great acoustic instrument sounds – this isn’t the ReFill for you. On the other hand, if you want to expand your Reason palette with a set of complex, modern sounds, Wavefront has you covered.

Van Bork notes that “the true soul of Wavefront is in the Combinator patches which provide timbral complexity and expressiveness that you will not find anywhere else. Utilizing the modulation wheel in any patch will provide subtle to drastic emotional and / or rhythmic changes to accent your sequences and performances.” You can hear this in effect in the audio demos for the library at the Bitword site.

Keep in mind that the massive sound of Wavefront doesn’t come for free. Use this with a vintage computer and it’s likely to bring your workstation to its knees.

All in all, Wavefront is a great way for Reason users to expand their options with a wide range of electronic sounds.

Wavefront is $129, and is available via the Bitword site.



  • PADS = 237
  • LEADS = 124
  • BASS = 152
  • BLIPS = 079
  • KEYS = 058
  • AMBIENT = 109
  • NOISE = 100
  • HITS = 221




  • PADS = 267
  • LEADS = 096
  • BASS = 086
  • BLIPS = 069
  • NOISE = 205


  • KITS = 191

Wavefront Total:

  • 2,222 PATCHES

Raw Waveforms:

  • TOTAL = 3,390
  • 4.68 Gigabytes uncompressed

Total Size:

  • 3.2 Gigabytes compressed in the ReFill format.

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