The Music of Jeff Harrington

Composer, programmer and visual artist Jeff Harrington has a large variety of classical electronic and instrumental music available as free MP3s from his blog.

According to Harrington, his music is “tonal and intensely contrapuntal, inspired by New Orleans and classical music traditions.”

He has several free downloadable albums of his electronic works. Lachrimae Crystallinum (MP3) is “a composition in the spacious ambient vein of Lamentation Sidérales, but more classical in its tonality. Using a scale derived from the harmonic series this composition builds upon a melodic motif inspired by the Beethoven Piano Sonata, Les Adieux, op. 81a. This piece is primarily a meditation on distance and the spaces between memories and attempts to evoke the musical emotions of Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus, etc… deep sadness…”

He also has a collection of microtonal pieces available, including a very interesting piece for MalletKat and quarterone synth, Croche Et Tient (MP3).

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