EXP Digital Intros G Flux Multi-Filter Plug-In

g fluxG Flux is a multi filter plug-in with awesome modulation capabilities. The versatile architecture enables simple or complex filter applications at a very competitive price.


G Flux

  • 64 Bit internal processing
  • Mac and PC VST with AU format to follow soon.
  • VST 2.3 Compliant
  • Full MIDI automation. MIDI learn allows user to control almost any control with any MIDI controller
  • Installer and non-installer version available for both Mac and PC

4 Independent state variable filters

  • Each filter processes 5 filter types simultaneously (LP, HP, BP, Peak and Notch)
  • Level controls for each of the 5 filter types
  • Cut off and resonance controlled from XY pad
  • Each and every filter control can be modulated from any modulator using the modulation matrix
  • Filter frequency range: 30Hz – Half sample rate
  • Filter capable of self oscillation at high resonance levels

6 Modulation sources

  • 4 main modulators, chosen from any of 4 modulator types
    • LFO
      • 47 factory waveforms
      • Waveform edit window with 12 drawing tools
      • Save and load waveforms
      • Wavelength is a multiple of G Flux tempo or can be set to Hz
    • ADSR
    • Envelope Follower
    • Looping Step Sequencer
  • 2 mathematical modulators, which perform any one of 19 different operations on any 2 of the 4 main modulators.

Filter Routing Control

  • 18 different routing patterns for the 4 filters.
  • Distortion Pre/Post filters

Distortion – 11 Distortion types with input gain, drive and output gain.

Full MIDI automation. MIDI learn allows user to control almost any G Flux control with any midi controller

Master Screen

  • Master XY pad, which the XY pad of any filter can be controlled from
  • Shows output level of all 4 filters
  • Modulation display shows levels of all 6 modulators

Availability – G Flux is available from http://www.expdigital.co.uk for £65 and can be purchased worldwide in any currency through paypal.

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