Solid State Logic Supporting Development of Ardour Open Source Audio Workstation

Solid State Logic has announced its involvement with the Ardour workstation and is contributing to its development by employing Paul Davis, the founder of Ardour and its key developer.

Paul is working on an agreed set of development objectives and is also co-ordinating the efforts of other Ardour developers. Our aim is to develop associated software & hardware and, in time, produce Ardour based products with special SSL elements that add value.

Solid State Logic Managing Director Antony David says: “Our involvement with Ardour should not be seen as exclusive of other workstation manufacturers but we regard the Ardour platform as important for an industry that doesn’t currently have a truly open project interchange standard or an open platform for plug-in developers. We regard the open architecture and platform neutral technology of the Ardour workstation as a natural fit with SSL’s long-term vision to provide scalable and customisable solutions to a rapidly growing customer base.”

Ardour Founder Paul Davis explains: “Other pro audio manufacturers such as Harrison have already contributed to the development of Ardour and more are interested to do so. We hope that our involvement will encourage others to get on board. We have also made it clear to those who have asked that we would not object to a move to establish a separate legal entity (sometimes referred to as the ‘Ardour Foundation’) if that helps convince potential contributors about the security of the code as open source software.”

The Ardour Audio Workstation is a collaborative open-source software development effort. Rather than being a product of a particular company, its development is centered around a growing community of independent software developers.

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