FXpansion Announces Free ORCA Mono Synth

FXpansion has released a free mono synth, ORCA, for registered users of the company’s site. Anyone can download the synth by creating a free user account at the FXpansion web page. This account also gives access to the company’s forum for discussion, tips and support.

According to the company, ORCA showcases some exciting new technology that FXpansion has been developing. Based on detailed and accurate models of analogue synthesizer circuits and components, ORCA excels at deep, squelchy basses and thick unison leads. A unique and dark “underwater creature” user interface allows smooth changes of the six parameters.

orca screenshot

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Mac OS 10.4 G4 1 GHz, P4 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM , compatible VST 2.3 host
  • Windows XP, P4 1 GHz, Athlon XP 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM , compatible VST 2.3 host

Price and Availability:

  • Orca is only available through the FXpansion website at www.fxpansion.com and is a free download.

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