New Mouse-Based Sound Synthesis Software

RolloSONIC Software, a California-based software firm, has released its flagship product, RolloSONIC, a synthesizer designed to provide a new method for trance and sound-effect artists to create smooth-flowing synth-sounds.

The synthesizer software uses the computer’s mouse as the primary source of control-data to the synthesis-components – allowing for a more smooth and natural guidance of sound.



Many synths have come out, but they seem to most all do the same thing… use MIDI input as the only source of control-data. The new synth by RolloSONIC Software provides not only MIDI-based synthesis control, but also provides many additional control options – all based on the user’s mouse movement, giving many synth artists new options and new sounds.

New, freeform-modular design:

With its freeform-modular design, the software was designed to be intuitive to configure and, because of this, can be easily configured to make a great variety of sounds. Most synthesizer software is built in a static configuration – creating a situation in which one must try to figure out which part passes its control-data to which other part – usually requiring documentation and/or previous experience with that synthesizer.

With RolloSONIC, all components are open-ended and can be connected to the others at will and as needed – all in real-time. Additionally, there is virtually no limit to the number of components that can be created and wired together in a given configuration.

More information is available at the RolloSONIC site.

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