Free Ambient Music From Al Steffens

al steffens book of luminanceAl Steffens is an independent electronic music artist and computer musician from LA that makes ambient music in the style of Eno, Fripp and other ambient pioneers.

“I’m into ambience music similar to Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Steve Roach and others,” note Steffens. “I take as my archetype Thursday Afternoon by Brian Eno, or the ambient passages of Biff Johnson’s Reading The Bones. For music generation I use a combination of Csound sound generation and keyboard synthesizer recording with my own scoring, midi and mixing tools, and the Csound mixer modified to mix up to two hundred files. I have found ecasound to be an excellent editing tool as well as useful for multitrack recording.”

Steffens has made a variety of his ambient music available as free MP3 downloads, via and

Book of Luminance (MP3) presents sound textures as a formless landscape. The music was performed on keyboard synthesizers and recorded with the multitrack recording software Ecasound.

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