The Nutcracker Suite Electronique

nutcracker suite electroniqueThe Nutcracker Suite Electronique is something we haven’t seen for years – a switched-on, Mooged-out electronic take on classical music. The release, from Brète, a Seattle-based artist, debuts November 10th, 2006.

“Tchaikovsky may ‘roll over,’ but I hope only once or twice,’ smirked Brète.

When listeners draw the comparison between NSE and Mannheim Steamroller, Brète replies, “Chip Davis’ work has inspired millions around world. I am one of those inspired.”

“But, as far as my research has gone, NSE is the first work of its kind: the complete Suite with Electronica instrumentation and Dance/Ambient arrangements. This has not been done before.”

“Catch the entire album at,” says Brète.

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