First Ever MySpace Live Broadcast To Feature DJ Sandra Collins and VJ Vello Virkhaus

dj sandra collinsThe first ever MySpace live broadcast, happening Saturday, November 18th, will feature electronic music artists DJ Sandra Collins and VJ Vello Virkhaus who will perform their much talked about live audio/video experience – Interference.

Interference is more than just the typical clubbing event. Recently voted DJ Magazine’s 2006 #2 VJ in the world, Vello Virkhaus works closely with leading American DJ Sandra Collins to perfectly sync the music with the visual in a live setting. Virkhaus and Collins will be performing a tag team A/V set, mixing with the Pioneer DVJ-X1DVD turntables. The DVD turntables allow the user to scratch video like a record and keep the audio in sync.

Other technical highlights include the operation of Edirol’s CG-8 visual synthesizer, a device which generates hundreds of user-controlled audio interpretive visuals to a live audio input (The CG-8 also features a motion processor making this a visual akin to a Theremin); Edirol’s PR-80 Video Sampler (allows Virkhaus to control video clips by midi notes on a keyboard) and PCR-50 MIDI Keyboard (allows for up to 4 layers of video running at once, all controlled form one keyboard) and two V-4 video switchers; garageCUBE’s cutting edge Modul8 Audio Reactive VJ program (allows Virkhaus to add up to 10 layers of video clips, and effect/layer them using filters and transformations of size, scale, rotation that operate to the BPM and audio input amplitude); and Korg Kaos Pad Entrancer (adds effects and filters audio and video together with over 100 AV effect presets. As one equalizes the audio, the greater the EQ effect, the more the video will invert its colors or rotate.)

Using this state-of-the-art technology, Virkaus manipulates light and sound for a six-screen sonic assault of the senses. Check out the demo here:

Established in January 2006, Interference has quickly set a new standard for what people can expect out of a DJ performance. Looking to push the limits beyond a DJ standing on stage with a laptop or book of CDRs, Collins and Virkhaus have created an interactive experience that brings the excitement and glitz of a stadium rock show back into a club setting. Armed with an enormous backline of top-notch audio/video technology, Virkahus and Collins arrive at each club hours before their set time to set up the venue and DJ booth to meet their specifications. In fact, due to the varying sizes and amenities of clubs across the world Virkhaus has been forced to re-design stages and re-wire DJ booths across the world every time Interference is presented. Using Pioneer’s New DVJ-1000’s and the DJM-800 mixer, he transforms DJ booths into A/V mixing booths for a complete live A/V mix experience.

With Interference, Virkhaus and Collins have also changed the way promoters across the world present their events. Looking to stay ahead of the game, top clubs around the world are now beginning to install video screens and A/V friendly facilities. Top industry DJs and manufacturing companies are also taking notice of INTERFERENCE and its impact on the clubbing world. Collins and Virkhaus have picked up technical sponsorship from Pioneer and Edirol and notable DJs including Paul Oakenfold and Sander Kleinenberg have started to experiment with video and VJs as part of their recent live performances.

Sandra Collins and Vello Virkhaus will be performing Interference live on myspace from 1AM-3AM on Saturday, November 18th. Point your browser to for access to the performance. Moving into 2007, Collins and Virkhaus are set to play numerous club dates around the world and are exploring the possibility of releasing a special Interference audio/video mix album!

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