Alpha Wave Movement – Beyond Silence

Alpha Wave Movement - Beyond SilenceBeyond Silence is the latest CD from electronic/ambient artist Alpha Wave Movement. The album is a set of modern electronica instrumentals, infused with the sounds and forms of classic synth music.

Alpha Wave Movement is one of the recording names of Gregory Kyryluk, who also records as part of Thought Guild. As Alpha Wave Movement, Kyryluk explores a range of classic synth music styles, including Berlin-school and West-coast ambient.

Don’t let the title of Beyond Silence fool you. From the title, it sounds like the CD may be a set of quiet, more ambient than ambient, tracks. Instead, it’s some of the most aggressive work we’ve heard from Alpha Wave Movement, combining classic old-school synth influences with more modern drum programming and even some 303-style acid.

Several of the tracks, like Departure Point, mix ambient sections with more propulsive, sequence-driven sections. Two Dimension Xpansion starts off slowly, but builds over the first two and a half minutes to a hypnotic, driving middle section, before returning momentarily to its quiet beginnning.

Sunburst combines acid bass synth, rock electronica drums, sequences and prog-like lead work on synth and “organ”. Fans of Jarre will appreciate Farewell Voyager. Burbling synths echo from ear to ear, squelchy percussion squawks, synth strings phase, and synths play expansive melodies. AWM even unleashes classic swashes of filtered white noise.

While the bouncier tracks are the most immediately ear-catching, some of the stand-out tracks are the quiet ones. Further Out and Echoes are both lovely tracks that combine ambient synths with gentle sequences. The last track on the CD, Ode to an Era, gives Kyryluk a chance to explore the sounds of Mellotron. The track features a synth sequence ground, on top of which Kyryluk layers Mellotron flute and strings. The title is appropriate, because this sounds like a tranquil homage to early 70’s synth pioneers.

Throughout the CD, Kyryluk’s synth work is imaginitive and varied. Alpha Wave Movement’s Beyond Silence pays respect to the classic synth artists of the pasts, while keeping their styles fresh and new. Highly recommended for fans of synth music.

You can hear samples of Beyond Silence at the Alpha Wave Movement site.


  • Departure Point
  • Sunburst Shift
  • The Zen Machine
  • Farewell Voyager
  • Further Out
  • Two Dimension Xpansion
  • Tales of Ancient Travellers
  • Kinetic Transfer
  • Echoes
  • Electrik Religions

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