StealthPlug Shipping


IK is shipping the StealthPlug, described as the first USB Audio Interface Cable.

It features 1/4” jack on one end and USB plug on the other, miniaturized housing and 1/8” stereo out. Connecting a guitar, bass or synth to your computer is now as easy as plugging into your amplifier. Plus, the StealthPlug comes with a bundle of 6 software and sounds packages.

The StealthPlug includes:

  • AmpliTube 2 Live standalone with SpeedTrainer, an introductory version of the world’s best guitar amp and effects modeling software with 15 amp combinations, 2 Mic models, 11 effects plus tuner and an integrated audio file player where you can slow down and track any guitar riffs file without changing the pitch.
  • AmpliTube 2 Live plug-in with the same processing features for VST, Audio Unit and RTAS format to be used with all the possible sequencers in Mac and PC.
  • Tracktion 2.1 by Mackie, a full Audio/MIDI sequencer with unlimited tracks and the fastest learning curve in the industry to create entire songs easily.
  • SampleTank 2 SE, a 64 sound version of IK’s flagship sample-workstation.
  • T-RackS EQ, the award-winning analog modeled mastering EQ.
  • 500MB of drums, bass and guitar grooves from Sonic Reality to jam with or to be immediately used in your compositions.

Price: €99/$129 (tax excluded).

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