Digital Recording Studio Built Into Antique Piano

According to its creator, the Music Machine is an incredible addition to any living room, den, apartment, or studio.

The bizarre hybrid is a full digital recording studio built into a beautiful piano cabinet. It is based on a Mac Mini with a Lexicon Omega audio interface that is set up with 2 instrument inputs, one built-in studio-quality microphone, and an additional microphone jack. The piano keys have been replaced by a Studiologic 88 key MIDI controller which acts as piano, drum machine, and music interface.

The Music Machine is capable of multi-track recording and playback, music editing and sampling, demo production, karaoke, and is a full computer able to do anything a regular mac can do including DVD playback, web surfing, word processing, etc. There is a memory card reader built in to the front for inserting media as well as a 4-port USB 2.0 hub to plug in an external hard drive or an ipod. Musicians can sit down, record a single track, multiple tracks or a whole song, plug in their ipod and take it home or burn it right to a demo CD!

piano recording studio

We were pretty impressed until we checked out the specs – this piano only has 512 GB of RAM.

Details are available at the eBay auction. The starting bid is $4,000.

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  1. "This piano only has 512 GB of RAM." Well, if I had a computer with 512 GIGAbytes of RAM, I'd be pretty impressed! Haha, I think you guys meant MEGAbytes though.

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