The Eight Thousand Dollar Piano-Shaped ipod Table

iPod tableThe Concerto Table, a piano-shaped table designed by Nicholas Lovegrove & Demian Repucci, has to be one of the most expensive and exclusive iPod accessories yet.

According to its designers, “The Concerto Table seeks to transform the experience of the modern dinner party by combining the use of a dining table with the elegant curvature of a grand piano. It has the sensuous look of an old, well-seasoned, grand piano while also providing the necessary multipurpose use required of so many furnishings today.”

The table has a built-in iPod dock and 130 watt speakers.


The Concerto Table is compatible with all Apple ipods. Simply tell us which model you have and we will do the rest.


  • 70″x58″x29”


  • Apple AV Connection Kit with remote control
  • Speakers: 2×50 watt 2 Way speakers, 6.5″x1″
  • Amplification: 130 watt


  • Plywood surfaces, poplar, stainless steel, carbon steel


  • Bright white or Black high gloss

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