PG Music Intros Band In A Box 2007

PG Music has released the 2007 version of its Band-in-a-Box intelligent music software for Windows.

“This version of Band-in-a-Box has surprised many people. The addition of RealDrums – actual live drum tracks – adds a human element that brings the music to life,” said program author and creator Peter Gannon. “It’s quite remarkable to see the Chord Wizard “read” chords from MP3, WAV, and WMA audio files and write them into Band-in-a-Box. There’s a Reharmonist feature that works out a chord progression for a single-note melody or rewrites existing progression, which fulfills one of our all-time leading requests. There are many more exciting features, so we hope people have fun with Band-in-a-Box 2007.”

New features include:

  • RealDrums. These are audio drum styles that sound like a real drummer, because they are recordings of a real drummer.
  • Chords from MP3 (“Audio Chord Wizard”). Automatically figures out the chords from any MP3, WAV, or WMA audio file and displays them in Band-in-a-Box.
  • Soundtrack Generator. Generate original, royalty-free music for any occasion.
  • Generate Chords for a Melody. Generates a chord progression based only on the melody for a complete song or a selected range of bars.
  • Solos are enhanced with the new “Melody Influenced” Soloist.
  • TranzPort® support – Wireless Remote Control support for Band-in-a-Box! TranzPort (sold separately) gives you the freedom to control Band-in-a-Box 2007 functions from anywhere in your studio.
  • Audio Settings dialog. Makes it easy to mute, solo, or change the volume of the audio track.
  • Punch-in audio recording to punch-in record or overdub a section of audio.
  • Batch-convert a folder of Band-in-a-Box songs to audio files (MP3, WAV, or WMA).
  • Chord “Breaks” for practicing tempo control.
  • The Keyboard “QWERTY” Wizard now works with MIDI keyboard input.
  • Automatic Song Memo-Generation.
  • A new “Practice Window” allows convenient “one-click” access to many Band-in-a-Box practicing features.
  • The Soloist and Melodist have been enhanced. Select “genres” of Soloists/Melodists and filter to show/not show Soloists or Melodists from sets that you don’t have.
  • Lead Sheet “Lyric Text Block.” A large text block can now be appended to the Lead Sheet and Printout.
  • Fakesheets can now optionally include the 2-bar song ending.
  • Auto Piano Hand-Splitting. The Piano part now displays on both clefs, using intelligent hand-splitting routines that dynamically change the split point.
  • Notation enhancements.
  • DXi and VSTi enhancements.

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