Tiga – Sexor

The latest CD from Canadian artist Tiga, promises to take you to planet Sexor, “where imagination rules the nation….and sexy lighting always strikes twice….. ”

We’re not sure where the @#$# planet Sexor is or what it’s supposed to be, but we’re pretty sure it involves retro-electro songs.

On Sexor, Tiga gets some help from Swedish techno guru Jesper Dahlback, Belgian producers Soulwax and Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters fame, and delivers a CD that’s full of solid electro beats.

While there are some great tracks on Sexor, the album doesn’t rise up to its highlights. Some of the more memorable tracks include: You gonna want me, which has a driving electo trance beat; Pleasure from the bass, a throwaway but catchy-as-hell song about bass; and Good as Gold, a darker track about control.

On the other hand, several tracks, like the Ballad of Sexor, could drive you to download the better tracks as singles from iTunes:

Some say Sexor was a man
tight pants, black hair and a tan
if so I just don’t understand how he could come and go

And some say Sexor was a prince
and he could take your love with his fingertips
if so I just don’t understand why he wore those kid gloves on his hands

Yes – the lyrics are too annoying to be danceable. Annoying too are several interludes between tracks that sound like they were recorded from Tiga’s answering machine. Tiga also covers Talking Heads Burning Down the House and leave out some of the best lyrics, a minor sacrilege.

Overall, Sexor is a CD that has some memorable highlights, but is let down by weaker tracks.


  • Welcome To Sexor
  • Far From) Home
  • You Gonna Want Me
  • High School
  • Jamaican Boa
  • Louder Than A Bomb
  • Pleasure From The Bass
  • Who’s That
  • Down In It
  • Ballad Of Sexor
  • Good As Gold
  • Flexibleskulls
  • (Far From) Home (Speed Of Sexor Reprise Edit)
  • Burning Down The House
  • 3 Weeks
  • Brothers

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