Big Fish Intros Deep Dub Sample Library

deep dub risingBig Fish Audio has introduced a new sample library, Deep Dub Rising, in AIFF/Apple Loops/WAV/Acid formats.


Bunker 8 Digital Labs invites you to lose the borders and constraints on your current musical experiences. Flow into the Deep Dub Rising. Sultry Caribbean steel pans, undulating Delhi tabla patterns, Djembe, Doumbek, Tabla, Tonbak, Sitar, Darbouka, Ghaval, Kpanlogo, Talking Drums, Sabar, Afro-Caribbean guitars…melanged within a modern context of the beat. Transport yourself to destinations both exotic and familiar. These construction kits merge earthy dub music experiences with tightly programmed synthesis and percussion. Immerse yourself within the causal connections of Deep Dub Rising: urban flavors with a reggae perspective. Calling upon a bevy of international musicians and talents, Deep Dub Rising throbs with a musical soul thriving on collective experience. Allow your music to surrender to the dub, to drift away in its blunted haze…


  • 4.35 GB comprising over 960 pieces of audio content.
  • 31 24-bit construction kits sets represented as 491Acidized WAV file loops.
  • 31 construction kits represented as 491 16-bit Apple Loops (AIFF format), ready for Garage Band, Logic 7 and Soundtrack Pro. Fully mixed and mastered “complete” arrangements of all construction kits.

Instruments and sample loops include:

Etherial Dub Guitar – Sub Connected Basses – Sabar Percussives – Tabla Sequences and Slaps – Reformulated Loops and Percussives – Sultry Carribean Steel Pans – Undulating Delhi Tabla Patterns – Delay based effects – Tape Echoed Plexed Saxes – Ultra tight drumatics – Live B3 Subbed Leslie Organs – Reimagined Suitecase Pianos – Far and away echoplexes – Pooka chug Guitars – Doombie Basses – Mluiking Bells – Organic Clones – Twinkie Flit Beats – Twang Plucked Rhythms

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