Acidome – Inexpensive, But Juicy Synth

acidome virtual synth

NUSofting has introduced Acidome VST synthesizer for Windows PCs, a synth designed to bring you an optimized set of useful features and a rich, juicy sound.

Acidome Features:

  • Osc 1, the “variosc”: With this sound generator you can draw a waveform with the mouse, or load one of the many shapes available in the included Acidome Waveform Library. If it looks boring, edit it directly. You can modify a waveform in realtime — while you’re playing — and hear the sound morphing. Acidome includes the WaveTable Picker, a tool for you to convert standard WAV files into templates for the Acidome OSC 1.
  • Osc 2, the “multiosc” This sound generator is made from 4 “non band limited” oscillators with ramp waveform. You can adjust the amount of detune beetwen them with the “Unispread” control for an immediate ‘phat’, raw and dirty classic sound.
  • Filter Stage: Acidome has plenty of filtration built right in.With a LowPass, HighPass, BandPass, BandReject, Peak filter and an extra LowPass smoother than the first one.The filter frequency can be modulated by the 16-step LFO which is BPM syncable for rhythmic effects,but it can also be smoothed for luscious ambient sweeps.
  • Effects Acidome has cool effects: Ping-Pong Delay, a Stereo Chorus, and a 16-step Gate Sequencer to drive groovy pads. All with BPM sync.
  • Pitch Envelope
  • Limiter
  • 300+ Presets

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