How To Make A Moog

build a moog voyagerMoog Music has opened its factory doors and allowed the Do-It-Yourself cable network to document the making of the Minimoog Voyager and Etherwave Theremin. The first episode – Building the Moog Voyager – is airing nationally on the cable network show “Handmade Music.”

“Bob (Moog) was passionate about the quality of the instruments that he designed. I have always felt the best way to maintain consistent quality is to build them here where we can keep a careful eye on the process and critically listen to each and every one of them,” commented Moog Music president Mike Adams.

“These episodes will allow viewers, for the first time, to see how we hand-build the instruments and how we maintain the quality of these instruments in a production environment. I think fans of Moog will find this very interesting.”

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