Miles MacMillan – Futureworld

Miles Macmillan FutureworldFutureworld, the latest CD from Miles MacMillan, features melodic synth music in the tradition of Jean-Michel Jarre and early eighties Tangerine Dream.From the title of the CD and the track names, it’s clear that MacMillan is aiming for a futuristic, sci-fi sound. The instrumentation is entirely electronic. Macmillan doesn’t list his keyboards, but is credited with “all keyboards and programming.”

Overall, the album has a laid-back feel, mixing down- and mid-tempo beats with synth sequences. MacMillan mixes old-school synth sounds and textures with more modern percussion. We had to smile about halfway through Orbiting Outpost, when MacMillan uses some deliciously retro Jarresque phased synth strings.

Highlights of the CD are The Fugutive, which has features a nice breakdown middle section, and The Clone Room, which starts with a dark ambient feel, but builds with synths and percussion to more of an agressive sequenced sound.

Futureworld’s mix seems weak in the bass end. To these ears, the tracks would have more impact with a more modern, aggressive mix that brings out the bass.

You can check out Miles MacMillan’s music at his MySpace page.


  • Orbiting Outpost
  • Autopilot Override
  • The Fugitive
  • The Clone Room
  • Outland Oasis
  • Soft Landing

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