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NAMM Show Update: Celemony Software presents two new Melodyne Sound Libraries for the multi-track editions of Melodyne: cre8 and studio. The two DVDs, “the voice vol. 1” and “the voice vol. 2”, offer first-class choral phrases with which – thanks to Melodyne technology – the voicing, tonality, phrasing and tempo of each voice can be edited individually. The DVDs are available immediately and cost 139 euros (US$159) each.

The libraries are unique: choral samples with which each voice can be edited individually and independently of the others as well as adapted to the particular musical context. You have complete freedom to determine the harmonies and the voice-leading, the rhythm and the phrasing, as well as the tonality and the expression of each phrase. This is made possible by the combination of eight vocal tracks with Melodyne technology. The 300 or so first-class, two- to eight-bar choral phrases per DVD were specially conceived, and have been painstakingly optimized, for use with Melodyne. Each phrase was sung by one male and one female vocalist eight times in all, so the eight separate recordings can be combined to create a realistic choral sound. Thanks to Melodyne technology, you can take each voice in the choir in turn and assign to it a different vocal line.

Vol. 1 of this unique collection contains phrases with lyrics such as “listen to the groove”, “keep me movin’ on”, “liftin’ me higher”, “party everybody”, “you make me wanna dance”, “universal love”, “feel so high”, “when will you stop playing” and many more. In Vol. 2, the choir sings non-verbal lines, from the straightforward to the way-out, and from simple “Ah”s, “Oh”s and “Schupdhuah”s to complex vocal arrangements.

Each of the two “the voice” titles in the Melodyne Sound Library contains more than 3 gigabytes of phrases recorded by renowned studio singers using the finest equipment. The recordings are of the highest quality from both a musical and a technical standpoint. No effects or dynamic processing were applied to the samples during recording to leave users maximum freedom during post production. The Melodyne Sound Library is the ideal complement to Melodyne for all users wishing to edit something more than just their own material. It provides the perfect raw material for productions of all kinds – material that is infinitely malleable and can be adapted to fit the context without losing its musicality in the process.

The Melodyne Sound Library currently comprises six titles: “saxophone”, “electric bass”, “guitar” and “horns” plus the two new releases: “the voice vol. 1” and “the voice vol. 2”. All titles run with Melodyne cre8 and studio from Version 3.1 onwards and are available from music dealers as well as the Celemony Web Shop for 139 euro (US$159) each. For more information, visit

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