AmpliTube 2 Jimi Hendrix Edition Software Recreates Hendrix Rig

Jimi Hendrix2007 Winter NAMM Show: IK Multimedia announced AmpliTube 2 Jimi Hendrix Edition, the first authentic software recreation of the complete guitar amp and effects rig of Jimi Hendrix.AmpliTube 2 Jimi Hendrix Edition is a cooperative effort between Authentic Hendrix and IK Multimedia]

Authentic Hendrix was founded in the late ‘90s by Al Hendrix and his daughter, Janie, to curate and promote Jimi’s extensive recorded legacy. AmpliTube 2 Jimi Hendrix Edition is the first guitar amp and effects modeling software focusing on Jimi Hendrix and can be used not only to recreate the authentic tones of popular Hendrix tunes, but, since the modeled gear in this product is in demand by current guitarists the software can be used as tool for many styles of modern rock music from hard rock to punk, alternative, progressive and pop.

Includes models of extremely rare and collectible vintage stomp boxes, amp heads and cabinets. AmpliTube 2 Jimi Hendrix Edition features 9 vintage stomp effects, 4 vintage amp models, and 7 cabinets, putting the sound of extremely expensive and hard to find gear at your fingertips. Also included are 4 rack effects (Rotary Speaker, Stereo Reverb, Parametric EQ, and Tube Compressor), increasing the tonal flexibility of the product and allowing you to sculpt the sound even further.

The Jimi Hendrix Edition can also expand the available stomps, amps and cabinets inside AmpliTube 2. By integrating the two products you can double the amount of vintage stomp box models inside your AmpliTube 2 rig and add some of the collectible amps and cabinets that guitarists crave the most.
IK has gone the extra mile in accurately modeling all the most important components of the Hendrix rig not only using proprietary AmpliTube 2 DSM (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) technology, but collecting all the original vintage stomps, amplifiers and cabinets of the same period and fine tuning the software emulations by ear with accurate craftsmanship to achieve incredibly realistic modeling results.


  • 5 modules including tuner, stomp pedal board, amp head, cabinet+mic and rack effects on 2 series parallel
  • Vintage Stomp Effects models
  • 4 Vintage Amp models
  • 7 Vintage Cabinet models
  • 5 Microphone models
  • 4 Rack Effects models
  • Available as a VST, RTAS, AU plug-in (as well as a standalone application) for Mac OS X and Windows

Minimum System Requirements:

Power PC based Macintosh: 866 MHz G4 processor, 512 MB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Intel based Macintosh: 1.5 GHz Intel Core Solo processor, 512 MB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later. Windows: Pentium 1GHz / Athlon XP 1.33 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, Windows XP.

Price & Availability:

AmpliTube 2 Jimi Hendrix Edition has an MSRP of $249 and will be available within the first quarter of 2007.

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