Moog Intros Moogerfooger FreqBox Effects Module

Moog Freq Box2007 Winter NAMM Show: Moog Music added another effect to their already unique Moogerfooger line, the FreqBox.

The FreqBox does not actually modify the audio input signal to produce an altered version of the sound source. Instead, the effected sound is an analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) modulated by the sound source input—an Audio Modulated VCO. The result is a vast array of effects that were once only possible with a complex modular synth setup.

“This effect is so over the top that we had a hard time naming it,” recalled Moog Music product development engineer Steve Dunnington. “The sounds it can produce range from fuzz-like distortion to glitching sweeps through the harmonic series to cataclysmic timbral morphing; it truly is a freak box.”

The FreqBox accepts instrument to line-level inputs, and the signal is then passed through a drive circuit capable of massive overdrive, followed by a voltage controlled mix circuit (for dry/wet balance) and an output level control for balancing the effected signal level with the bypassed signal level. The VCO section features frequency and waveform controls, and like all Moogerfooger effects, these parameters are also controllable with an input expression pedal. The sync switch allows the oscillator to be either free running or retriggered with the audio input signal for classic oscillator hard sync effects. The FreqBox VCO can also be frequency modulated by the input signal. It contains an envelope follower and mix controls to further enhance the sonic dimensions. All of this is hand-built into the Moogerfooger enclosure for sonic versatility and stompbox durability.

“Moog is all about expanding the sonic palette; inventing tools musicians can use to create distinctive music,” said Moog Music president Mike Adams. “The FreqBox falls right at the core of that promise. Guitar players will gravitate toward its harder-edge distortion capabilities. DJs looking for an extra edge in live performances may find this to be the ‘fooger that awakens them to the whole line.”

Sound samples are available, along with a comprehensive product description, at the Moog site. The FreqBox begins shipping in the Spring of 2007.

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