NAMM: Moog Music Intros Minimoog Voyager Select Series

Minimoog VoyagerNAMM Show Update: The Minimoog Voyager Select Series, now available from Moog Music, allows customers to choose from five backlight options as well as eight different wood cabinet styles to create a Voyager with a look all their own. Moog offers an interactive Web experience that displays any custom combination, and then facilitates online ordering by integrating with local dealers.

“Creativity, imagination and uniqueness are what Moog is all about,” said Moog Music President Mike Adams. “The Minimoog Voyager Select Series allows us to connect those values with our customers, enabling them to express their own personality in an instrument we handcraft for them.”

Since introducing the Electric Blue edition in 2004, Moog has received hundreds of requests to build customized Voyagers. Now those requests, once only fulfilled for a handful of artists, can be accommodated for anyone. Backlight options include: Electric Blue, Solar (orange), Lunar (white), Fire (red), and Jade (green). Cabinet styles are available in Electric Blue (black with fractal blue flecks), Traditional Ash, Mahogany, White Wash, Walnut, Cherry, Black Ash, and Maple. Any combination is available.

Users can make backlight and cabinet choices and instantly view photos at the Moog site. The site is also integrated with local dealers. Dealers will have some combinations in stock but all will be available within six weeks of the order date. “Our online interface provides a great experience for our customers while keeping the local dealers integrally involved,” said Moog Music Sales Manager Linda Pritchard.

4 thoughts on “NAMM: Moog Music Intros Minimoog Voyager Select Series

  1. Blah blah blah Moog :).

    I am starting to dislike all the hype around Moog lately. I’m yet to hear any thing other than “double-saw” bass and filtered noise coming from either of Moog synthesizers.

    That’s gotta be good.. I won’t feel bad about Minimoogs costing so much.

    Anyone got a cheap MS-20?

  2. Dmitry

    Some people just have to have a Moog!

    For the price, though, you could get a wicked computer music setup or even a small modular synth!

  3. The Moog has a typical “phat”sound, no other instruments has this feel and sound….I love the Moog..
    Got a Little Phatty, and hopefully soonh a Voyager Select..



  4. The prime factor that determines a great synth is Character. Many synths lack their own individual uniqueness, not initially apparent upon playing the presets, but once a keyboardist delves into the tweakability and responding sonic palette of a synth, this character (or lack thereof) becomes clear and defined. The bottom line is to go with your gut. If you grab a synth and inspiring chops begin to flow from your fingertips then that is a synth worth checking out. I was at Namm this year and I was fortunate to play every synth that I thought was worthy of my time, and I actually stopped dead in my tracks by what I
    encountered on this particular synth. As a long time Kaoss pad user I was delighted to find an “X-Y Pad” in the middle, and I was extremely
    impressed – I can work a bass line with one hand and tap a rhythm across the pad, just this alone opened up a whole new can of sounds that had me wishing I had it back at Panda Central. I ended up playing this board for over TWO HOURS non-stop (thanks NIck!) and the very
    next day I went back and played it some more. This board responds to every subtle nuance of thought and movement, I’ve had synths in the past where the player enjoys an almost psychic bond with the machine, and this seems to be the case with the Voyager I played, I actually felt like I was walking away from a living creature when I left- a live entity!
    In my opinion this was the “best synth” at Namm. A truly inspiring musical instrument, absolutely beautiful. This is the character that is missing from many modern synths/software (like I’m going to use a soft-synth anyway, LOL). My next synth, and worth every penny.

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