Italy Joins Topless DJ Craze

Topless DJ Titty T.

We don’t know why, but Synthtopia is the top site in the world for the search phrase topless DJ.

We’re not sure if it was the story on “Erotic Fetish DJ Extraordinaire” Portia Surreal, the story on pornstar-turned-topless-dj DJ Niki Belucci, or the one about DJ Diva, the topless skydiving DJ, but somehow has Google pegged us as the authorities on topless DJs.

Now, it’s cool to be the top site in Google for anything, but being the #1 site for “topless DJ”…..that is an awesome responsibility to bear.

With that in mind, we felt like we should pass on some info that a Synthtopia reader sent us about DJ Titty T. Titty T is doing her best to put Italy on the topless DJ map.

We did our best to find a nice, tasteful, work-safe shot of Titty T. in action, shown above.

Read more for the not-safe-for-work chainmail bikini photo……

DJ Titty T in a Chainmail Bikini
Here’s what we could find out about Titty T:

Titty T. the topless dj, la dee jay house nota al pubblico da quando durante una serata mentre mixa, presa dall’euforia della musica, non si accorge di aver perso il top. Una volta resasi conto dell’accaduto continua a suonare senza interrompere l’energia della serata, addirittura giocando con il pubblico e lanciando direttamente in pista il capo d’abbigliamento. Questo momento di grande euforia si ripete nella maggior parte delle serate al suono di buona elettro-house.

This didn’t make much sense to us, so we ran it through Babelfish, and this is what came out:

Titty T. the topless DJ, the goddesses jay house famous to the public one from when during a evening while mixa, taken from the euphoria of music, one does not notice to have lost the top. Once yield account of the happened one continues to play without to interrupt the energy of the evening, quite playing with the public and directly launch in track the apparel head. This moment of great euphoria is repeated in the greater part of the evenings to the sound of good elettro-house.

That still didn’t make much sense – so here’s our rough translation:

Once upon a time, Titty T., the topless DJ and goddess of house music, was mixing. Suddenly, in the euphoria of the music, she found that she had lost her top. She continued to play without skipping a beat, which went over really well with the electronica fans. She’s been doing this ever since, and has lived happily ever after.

If you know Italian – leave us a real translation in the comments……

Some might not want to take a DJ with a name like Titty T seriously – but you have to respect anyone that can keep a crowd dancing while wearing a chainmail bikini:

You can find out more about DJ Titty T at her site.

7 thoughts on “Italy Joins Topless DJ Craze

  1. Of course she "didn't miss a beat", duh how often do electro DJs actually have to mix? I mean really the songs are between 6 and 15 minutes long and most House DJs don't do much as far as quick mixing goes, they tend to let whole songs play through. Besides almost all the beats are within a small range of BPMs and are usually very simple drum patterns that all mix easily. If you'll notice her name is now TITTY T what was her DJ name before? No one knows and no one cares probably cause she wasn't that good. It was the gimmick of being topless that allowed her to get more gigs and make a TITTY name for herself. Hopefully with the new gigs also came a more experienced DJ so hopefully she actually is a good DJ.

  2. Cont… It's been my experience that there are DJs out there that simply don't seem to improve over time, because they simpy don't put in the effort. We get better through practice, not just the years we spend doing something. If I say I've been fixing cars for 12 years but in that time I only fixed 2 cars I'm still not going to have improved at fixing cars. Know what I mean? Same goes for DJs if they have been deejaying for 5 years but never practice at home, never create their own edits, figure out what works best with what, create remixes etc… unless they play every night at a club and do their experimenting bits at a time they are probably not going to be that good. All I'm saying is I'm getting tired of seeing a ton of female DJs out there that don't have skills but get by and get tons of gigs only because they look good on a flyer. Or DJs like Samantha Ronson who have a decent amount of skill but are blown up like they have a ton of skill cause they are dating someone famous etc… It's time promoters & nightclubs started hiring DJs based on skill and not so much on who knows who or what they look like.

  3. @Real DJ Coalition

    This has been a problem for the past 15 years and I don't see it changing anytime soon. Politics will always play their role in club promotion and the music scene in general. It's only a very small % of the world's DJs. So, I don't think it's really an issue. In fact, I probably wouldn't play the parties that would book a topless DJ…so, no sweat off of my sack.


  4. Well, I do not know what you people are saying, but all I want to know is: “Where will she be DJ-ing next at?” but anyway, she is hot, and should continue with what she is doing

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