eJamming Lets Musicians Jam Via Internet

DEMO 07 Conference: eJamming introduced eJamming AUDiiO, a new Internet service and software for musicians that lets you make music and collaborate with others in real-time over the Internet.

The service has not been released yet, but based on the information that’s available, eJamming looks like it will be a big step forward in Internet music collaboration.

eJamming AUDiiO provides a virtual practice and recording studio. Musicians can write, rehearse, record, learn and play with each other over the Internet, in real time and in sync. All they need is access to a computer, broadband connection, audio interface device and microphone.

“The Internet has opened many doors for music and the music industry in recent years, truly leveling the playing field for sharing and learning about new music,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer, DEMO. “eJamming is breaking down even more barriers by bringing live, real-time, synchronized musical collaboration online, allowing musicians to play together any time, right from home or any wireless hotspot, indoors or out.”

The new software and service will be available for download in late March 2007.

According to the company, eJamming AUDiiO incorporates algorithms that effectively resolve the delays associated with transmitting data over the Internet that have prevented real-time online music collaboration in the past. Using proprietary codecs and data-thinning schemes in tandem with eJamming’s Internet delay management algorithms, eJamming AUDiiO achieves real-time synchrony among musicians in different locations.

eJamming AUDiiO also includes a host of features designed to enhance the online collaborative experience such as CD-quality recording capability, searchable profiles that allow musicians to identify others with like interests, JamVite instant messaging so musicians can invite one another to jam, an automated calendar for scheduling online jam sessions, and full MIDI capability. The user interface is clean, contemporary, player-centric and easy to use.

eJamming AUDiiO takes the company’s current MIDI-only offering, eJamming Studio 1.6, to a whole new level, opening real time online collaboration to all musicians.

“For the first time, any musician–vocalists, acoustic guitarists, horns, strings, even harmonica players and accordionists–can play together with others over the Internet in sync,” said eJamming Co-Founder and Chairman/President Alan Jay Glueckman.

“Although exchanging files, something musicians often do when they work together, is a valuable collaboration method, it simply isn’t the same as being together,” added Gail Kantor, co-founder and eJamming’s CEO. “Whether you’re playing, producing, writing or teaching, eJamming AUDiiO feels like you’re in the same room. Actually, in many ways, it’s even better.”

Upon availability in late March, eJamming AUDiiO software will be a free downloaded. Connectivity subscriptions cost $14.95 per month or $150 annually. Teachers and students are eligible for the $120 annual academic discount rate.

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  1. The video is a little cheesy – but this looks like it will be totally insane!

    Will you be able to search for people with similar interests? It would be cool if you could do a search for somebody to add a sax line to your latest song, and then just do it via the Internet.

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