Raymond Kurzweil Back At Kurzweil Music Systems!

Hyundai has appointed artificial intelligence guru Ray Kurzweil as Chief Strategy Officer of Kurzweil Music Systems. Kurzweil Music Systems helped pioneer sample-based keyboard technology, but has struggled to keep up with larger keyboard manufacturers in recent years.

Hyundai, one of the world’s largest corporations, plans to work with Ray Kurzweil to “build Kurzweil Music Systems into one of the largest music instruments brands in the world.”

Kurzweil, who founded Kurzweil Music in 1982, will work with Kurzweil Music Systems management on technology strategy and will also be a primary spokesperson for the company.

Kurzweil was honored at the recent NAMM convention with a “Life Achievement Award”, along with Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel.

“The combination of Kurzweil Music’s strong core technology, with the new Kurzweil ‘Mara’ chip technology, which is stronger than anything else in the industry, and strong brand with Hyundai’s resources, management excellence, and manufacturing reliability will be unbeatable,” said Kurzweil in an impromptu acceptance speech.

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