MacBeth Announces New Analog Synth Monster

Macbeth X-Factor synthesizer

Shakespeare said that life is but a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Nothing brings out life’s sound and fury, though, like a kick-ass analog synth.

MacBeth Studio Systems has introduced its planned all-analog X-Factor synthesizer with a teasing photo, above.

“We have redesigned our original circuits completely from scratch and have come up with a synth that is a total analog soundhouse!” says Ken MacBeth. “Focusing closely on the synths of the past, and having listened to many comments that users of modern analog wishing for the old school sound – we have come up with this!”

“It does sound old school-but that should be no surprise,” adds MacBeth. “We’ve designed it using the old ICs, Transistors and other discrete parts from the past!”

Pricing and specs are to come. Expect it to be powerful, expensive and droolworthy.

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