Analogue Heaven Midwest 2007 Announced

DJ Tribe SpinningOrganizers have announced plans for Analogue Heaven Midwest, a synth get-together planned for Saturday, March 24th in Lagrange, IN.

All synth geek gearheads are encouraged to come and spend some time with awesome gear and great people. It should be a great opportunity to meet other like-minded synth fans.

It’s unlikely that anyone attending will look like DJ Tribe, right…..but you can always hope.

Past gear has included all sorts of Modulars (MOTM, DotCom, Blacet, Metalbox, Wiard, Doepfer, Cynthia, Modcan, etc), Voyagers, PPG, SunSyn, Evolvers, Prophet T-8, ARP, XOX & DIY gear, and more!

The event is free, but organizers ask for a $5 “free will” donation to help pay for rental.

What to bring:

  • Your cool synths
  • Long extension cords and power strips
  • Audio cables, small mixer and headphones (or speakers)
  • Camera!
  • With so many synths begging to be played, headphones are ideal for exploring all the different instruments people bring.


  • Live performances of all kinds are encouraged.


  • Give a short demo of something unique and interesting!

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