Mic Thing Like A Portable Recording Booth

Mic Thing

At the 2007 NAMM Show, SM Pro Audio introduced The Mic Thing, a portable multi-purpose acoustic treatment panel designed to minimize room artifacts and improve separation during microphone recording sessions.

Reflexion filterIf it looks familiar, it’s because SE introduced a similar “portable recording booth” last year, the Reflexion Filter, right.

The Mic Thing can be mounted on just about any microphone, drum, or speaker stand up to 1” (25mm) in diameter. The Mic Thing’s two winged panels can also be adjusted to create anything from a flat planar absorber to a tight semi circle enclosing the microphone. This way, the amount of separation and absorption can be easily be manipulated to suit requirements.

By Tightening the wing panel attitude, greater isolation and a dryer sound can be achieved. Varying the mic position will also affect the result.

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