Mackie Announces Tracktion 3 Digital Audio, MIDI Software

Mackie Tracktion 3At the 2007 NAMM show, Mackie announced the release of Tracktion 3, the next generation of its Tracktion digital audio and MIDI production software.

Tracktion 3 introduces more than 150 new features and improvements, while retaining the clutter-free, single-screen user interface that made previous versions of Tracktion a success. Tracktion 3 also continues to offer cross-platform compatibility, as well as full support for industry-standard plug-in, virtual instrument and video formats.

“Since its release, Tracktion has developed a large and loyal following of users, ranging from first-time recordists to professional composers and engineers. For Tracktion 3, we listened closely to user feedback and made significant enhancements to the core application, so it’s now even faster and more powerful,” said Mackie Recording Brand Manager James Woodburn.

Among the enhancements in Tracktion 3 are the addition of time stretching and pitch shifting, two powerful capabilities that round out the functionality of the audio production suite and bring it in line with more expensive pro recording software. Tracktion 3 also boasts a new user-friendly loop browser for quick and inspired music creation. Unlike many competing products, the Tracktion 3 loop browser supports three major loop formats — Apple, ACID and REX — on both Mac and PC for flexible music-making on any platform.

Tracktion 3 is available in two boxed bundles: the Tracktion 3 Ultimate Bundle and the Tracktion 3 Project Bundle. Both bundles feature the identical core Tracktion 3 application, plus training videos. They also include premium sounds, plug-ins and loops from the world’s top virtual instrument, effects plug-in and sound library companies —including IK Multimedia, Drumcore, LinPlug, Garritan and Sonic Reality.

The Project Bundle provides everything musicians need to get started making professional music. The Ultimate Bundle is a complete production suite, with an additional 5GB DVD of content, including more powerful plug-ins and huge sound sets.

Tracktion 3 bundles are available now and have a U.S. manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $319.99 and $129.99 for the Ultimate Bundle and Project Bundle respectively. Owners of qualified versions of Tracktion can upgrade to the Ultimate Bundle for $259.99 via the Tracktion 3 Ultimate Bundle Upgrade.

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