RealTraps Intros Portable Vocal Booth

Portable Vocal Booth

RealTraps has introduced the Portable Vocal Booth, a device that mounts on any microphone stand to create a highly controlled environment for recording vocals and spoken narration in acoustically hostile spaces.

The RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth is much larger than competive products, comprising a pair of 2 by 2 foot absorbing panels in a fully adjustable V shape. The integrated base attaches to any inexpensive microphone boom stand. The RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth can also be placed directly on a table or other flat surface.

The RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth costs $299.99 direct from the manufacturer and begins shipping the end of February.

Data on the Portable Vocal Booth product page shows how well it blocks unwanted sound, and a short video demo lets you see it in action compared with a popular competing product. The RealTraps site also contains educational videos, magazine articles, extensive advice on all aspects of room treatment, as well as showcasing their high-performance acoustic solutions for rooms of every size and purpose.

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