Precisionsound releases Retro Gadgets – First Chapter for HALion, NI Kontakt & SoundFont

Retro GadgetsPrecisionsound has released Retro Gadgets – First Chapter, a collection of samples from bizarre old electronic toy instruments.

To prepare these old toy instruments for use in a DAW-based studio, they fine-tuned each note exactly so you can add retro flavor without any hassle. Every note of the instruments’ natural range and sound possibilities has been captured.

The library contains:

  • Dubrek Stylophone (Black)
  • Dubrek Stylophone (White)
  • Waddington Compute-A-Tune
  • V-Tech – Music Major
  • WOC 100
  • Texas Instruments Speak & Music
  • Casio VL-1 (VL-Tone)
  • Harward H359

All formats are included. Retro Gadgets – First Chapter costs $55 (+$11 if you want it on CD).

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